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taught by Melanie Falvey
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Melanie Falvey
Melanie Falvey
Workspace and Backdrop Designer

About the instructor

Melanie Falvey creates beautiful surroundings all around the world. She believes in the power of beauty as a means to achieving a healthier and happier home and workspace. She approaches every project from a holistic point of view, taking into account not only the aesthetics but also the emotional aspects of a space and its inhabitants.
Her signature style could be described as relaxed luxury, the marriage of high-quality natural materials with a stylish comfort.

After seeing the online world evolve so fast and the needs CEOs and entrepreneurs face while creating their online presence, she now specialises in creating supportive surroundings for businesses to thrive, and where business owners can feel focused, motivated, inspired and productive.

She is known as The Backdrop Stylist and creates a stylish and professional backdrop for videos, webinars, courses and live streams for entrepreneurs and business owners worldwide through her e-design service.

She is responsible for turning many people into "styling addicts"...!

Now, I want to share my best secrets through high-quality learning experiences such as this Mini Course.

I firmly believe that:

After taking this course, you will have a workspace that supports your business and your brand.

You will be feeling more confident, focused inspired and productive. 

I will show you how to create the perfect surroundings that will enable you to both thrive in your business and perform at your best capacity.

Learn how to use your environment as a 

well-being and high performance tool.

I am here to help you , I am an expert at creating beautiful surroundings that provide a productive and inspirational environment for you to thrive in.

Her insights and articles can be found in several international publications.

Thrive Global

Empowered Wellness Magazine

She is the author of the book The Perfect Backdrop.

Each month new you will be able to access new resources, graphics and inspirational materials to help you grow as an Entrepreneur and be stylish in the process!

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