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Special edition | taught by Melanie Falvey
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Melanie Falvey
Melanie Falvey
Creator of the VIDEOS that SELL System

About the instructor

Hi, my name is Melanie Falvey and I believe VIDEO should be made easy and yet look professional.

After seeing people livestreaming and creating videos without being aware of their backdrops, I decided to help them by applying my experience as an award-winning designer. My work offline, in my own design studio consisted in merging the power of commercial design + psychology to create high selling retail spaces, hop window displays, events...

A videos backdrop is your About me page, your Storefront, it needs to combine commercial design + seller psychology for it to be effective.

So, the Backdrops that Sell System was born and I began to help people to do their videos in settings and in front of backdrops that really amplified their message, showed their expertise, told their story, branded their videos and got them SALES.

After working with my clients and student, I realised I was helping them with much more than backdrops...here is when the VIDEOS that SELL Sytem was born, a complete framework to turn VIEWERS into CLIENTS.

No other programme or course out there teaches video as I do.

Starting from the Mindset, building up Confidence.

Designing a powerful Video Strategy.

Learning what bakcdrops you need for every video situation.

Crafting a magnetic Video character that will help you attract your Ideal client and will enable you to show up in the right mood every single time, no matter how tired you might be.

Knowing exactky what typpe of videos you need to be posting, depending on your clients´s journey.

Getting the right equipment you need, none of the  expensive, huge stuff people think they need.

Forget about tech overwhelm and learning and purchasing complex software, you need none of that. 

As business owners, we already have many hats to wear, video producer shouldn´t be a heavy hat, more a nice, easy to wear hat that we can enjoy wearing.

Professional looking videos are VITAL in today´s saturated feed, but there is a way of making the Art of Video easy, empowering and enjoyable...oh, and very importantly, Profitable!

Join me in this fascinating experience that will completely transform your confidence and your business!

Stand out from the crowd by showing up PROFESSIONALLY and getting SALES from your VIDEOS!

My insights and articles can be found in several international publications.


Thrive Global

Empowered Wellness Magazine

She is the author of the book The Perfect Backdrop.


A unique guided experience that will take you on an exciting journey to find the Word/s you need for a specific time frame.

A motivation boosting game that will keep you inspired, on track and focused.

As a former linguist, I have always been fascinated by the power of language and its psychological aspects. (Yes, that is a fact not all of you know, but I was a teacher and translator with my own school for a few years).

After working with my wonderful (off line) clients on their Power words for a couple of years now and seeing how absolutely motivational and powerful they are, I now want to offer you a chance to work hand in hand to create Your word and its physical representation to be able to get the FULL POWER of YOUR WORD.

This is a Special Edition of The Power Word Experience.

 I want You to enjoy this thrilling journey.

I want to take you by the hand and guide you through a guided step by step process that will ensure you "discover" the perfect word for you, not some word you have seen someone else using, but your very own Motivational trigger.

All I ask is that you embark on this Experience with:

An open mind.
Trust in the process.
A smile.
And be ready to breathe deeply.

Welcome to the Experience!

NOTE: You will have the option to amplify the Power of your Word by getting a personalised graphic. A visual translation of your Experience workbooks and insights.

This UPGRADE is totally optional.

You can learn more about it under the UPGRADE tab in the Course Curriculum.

The price listed is Special and only available for this Edition.

The complete Experience usually sells for $99 , and it will be going up to $127 very soon.

Course Contents

5 Videos
1 Quiz
1 Multimedia
7 Texts
4 PDFs
5 Disqus
1 Audio
1 Download
1 Presentation
4.0 hrs